About Change Mission


About change mission

Change is now a constant companion. If you're working on important projects, or trying to improve, learn, or grow, being able to change has to be a core skill. 

But managing change doesn't happen intuitively. If you want to learn the skill of managing change, I want to help. 

I've been working in change management for a decade, and I'm constantly learning new things. I've been blessed with curiosity and great mentors to work with me to satisfy that curiosity. I've also learned that teaching is the best way to learn. 

You're probably in the right place if:

  • Your responsible for managing a change in your organization
  • You are trying to improve something about how your people do things
  • "Innovation" is something you are responsible for, or want to be
  • You are concerned with the "adoption" of your audience to a new way

What you will learn:

  • The role change plays in innovation
  • How people can learn to change more effectively
  • How you can facilitate change when the path is unclear