Dealing Change Worksheets

Your time spent playing Dealing Change with your team should give you some things to act on. In order to make it easier to get the team thinking in actions, and to capture those actions for later use, we’ve included worksheets to structure your findings and ideas.

Whatever your team is working on, and however they think, you can find a version that works well for your situation:

Worksheet 1 covers the basics of change management planning: How you will prevent or mitigate a problematic situation, or how you will fix it if it already happened. This process provides you interventions you can apply now or be prepared for later.

Worksheet 2 focuses on the change journey: Where does this stakeholder need to go and where are they now? What obstacles are keeping the current state away from the desired state? With this sheet filled in, you can develop interventions directed at overcoming the barriers to the desired state.

The Facilitation Guide for Free-Form Ideation Sessions shows you a more free form approach to planning using Post-Its and a combined feedback process. This process involves everyone sharing and building on their ideas at the same time. If you're using a facilitator, this allows them to guide the conversation toward useful insights as they emerge. Here's an overview of the process:

  • For each scenario, have every team member write their intervention on a Post-It note
  • Group the interventions by similarity
  • Keep the Post-Its on a wall
  • At the end of the game, group all the Post-Its according to similar theme (without talking)
  • Now decide which should be acted on, and what major themes emerge
  • You can fill in the gaps, or use this as a springboard for more brainstorming later

Worksheet 1 - The Nuts and Bolts of Change

The Version 1 worksheet guides you through the basics, so that you address how to prevent and how to repair negative reactions to the change. It gives you a structure to capture the high-level overview of how your stakeholder persona might react so you can adapt at different stages of their expereince.


Worksheet 2 - The Hero's Journey through Change

Version 2 of the Dealing Change worksheet is  based on the Hero's Journey. The idea is that your hero (the stakeholder persona) needs to undergo some growth and overcome barriers to reach the change. This worksheet will help you define that journey so you will be equipped to help them reach the destination.


facilitation guide - free-form Ideation session

If you'd like a more integrated approach that involves less record-keeping, this strategy might work for you. In this guide (coming soon), you'll learn some tactics for keeping everyone involved in generating --then processing-- ideas very quickly. Once those ideas are in the open, you can refine them into actionable plans.