Dealing Change

Features and Resources

Dealing Change is a game that helps your team predict and respond to potential change challenges and situations so you can craft interventions that make them easier to resolve –or hopefully prevent them all together.

Most importantly, it’s an excellent team activity and workshop all in one. Using Dealing Change will get your team role-playing change scenarios, learning to speak to their project, and empathizing with stakeholders. All of this results in a more well-rounded project team and a more sophisticated, compassionate change plan.


The Cards

The heart of the Dealing Change experience is in the cards. The game is composed of three different set of cards: personas, contexts, and opinions. When combined, they create countless scenarios that ask your team to imagine how to address them in your change plan. The cards give you a starting point for discussion and the rest of the tools provide you guidance on what to do from there. You get a better plan when your team's knowledge is combined with the prompts, the process of creative exploration, and the guidelines provided by the other tools. 



Sometimes great ideas just need a little structure to show themselves. The Dealing Change worksheets provide different ways of looking at the scenario prompts so you can cater your responses to what makes most sense to your change situation. By filling in the print-out worksheets, you have a written record of your ideas and the structure to act on them. With the worksheets and your brainstorming, you will walk out of your sessions with plans and a great record of your ideas. 


The Videos

Video is a great vehicle for learning. To make your Dealing Change experience as efficient as possible, there is a quick start guide so that new participants on your team can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Beyond the basics, the more advanced videos help you bridge the gap between the ideas coming out of your session and the actions you will take in support of your change. They will teach you the skills you need to act on the ideas your team brought up so the change will be less disruptive and more palatable to your stakeholders. It's like a masterclass in Change Management --but targeted specifically to your situation and audience.