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Your teams are your best resource for leading change. They understand the situation and the challenges it creates. But they aren’t always able to connect what they know about the context for the change and the change itself. This requires creativity. Fortunately, there is an easy way to help your team be more creative in planning a change.  Creativity is structured process, and having a good system makes people more creative –it unleashes the connections that already exist.

Dealing Change is a game that helps your team predict and respond to potential challenges and situations resulting from your change. With those predictions you can craft interventions to resolve them –or hopefully prevent them all together.

Beyond the planning benefits, Dealing Change is an excellent team activity and workshop all in one. Using Dealing Change will get your team role-playing change scenarios, learning to speak about their project, and empathizing with stakeholders. All of this results in a more well-rounded project team and a more sophisticated, compassionate, and responsive change strategy.


Playing the Game

You can play Dealing Change in as little as five minutes as a meeting ice breaker, or you could play it for longer as a full workshop. The game adapts to your needs, and provides the structure to make your plans real and responsive to individual stakeholders. 

Dealing Change plays like a party game, but gives you the results of a consulting workshop. All along the way, your people get to draw on what they know without getting caught in the unnecessary formality of project work.



  • An entire change management planning activity in a box
  • Any group or team can put together change strategies easily
  • Flexible for different situations
  • Can be done quickly and repeatedly
  • Built on a process refined by experience from many projects
  • Includes training to make the most of your outputs as actual project interventions
  • Teaches participants stakeholder perspective taking
  • Effective as a brainstorming tool
  • Fun to use

Using the tools

You play Dealing Change by using the cards, gathering the input of the players, and then converting that input into action.

The worksheets will help you capture your player's input and connect them to your overall change plan.

Finally, the course videos will teach you how to take what you've learned about your situation and improve the change management activities to get people on board.


  • 108 Cards playing cards to develop change scenarios (each combination of the three categories creates a new scenario)
  • 12 Design-Your-Own blank cards to adapt to your specific needs
  • Worksheet templates to print and use in your sessions
  • A training course to guide you through using what you learn
  • A quick start video to orient first-time players quickly